The Sansa Fuze Clip+ is the best digital audio player

I used to store a copy of my music collection on my Android phone. For various reasons it became necessary to buy a new phone, and as I did the phones lost their microSD card which held the most of the music. And then the capacity of the internal memory on the phones actually got smaller. All of this is to presumably encourage users to use Google Music or otherwise coerce users to use cloud music services.

As I write this Apple has annouced the iPhone 7, which will lack a headphone jack. This got me thinking: phones are actually terrible devices for listening to music anyways.

Sandisk Sanza Fuze+

So this week I bought an old favorite device for listening to music, the Sanza Fuze Clip+. Unfortunately, the device is a few years old and out of production, but in my opinion it is the best music player ever made.

It plays many different types of music files, including MP3, OGG, M4A, and FLAC. It has a built in FM radio and voice recorder. It has an microSD expansion slot so it can actually hold all my music. It is very tiny and has an old school looking OLED display. It can drive headphones well and sounds very transparent.

Sandisk Sanza Fuze+ FM Radio Screen

But the best thing about it is that you can install Rockbox on it. Rockbox is a custom firmware that adds audio processors, including crossfeed and a compressor, and a number of other features, like skins and audio metering, to the device.

You can still buy these devices, but it is a shame they stopped making them.